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How to write a dissertation abstract

dissertation abstract is the most important part of a dissertation which tells in a concise manner the aims and objectives, the problem addresed and the method of research work along with the conclusions and recommendations of the study.

While writing a dissertation abstract students must be aware that this is the summary of the whole work so the reader must be able to understand what was the aims and objectives of the study, what problem was addressed and how the primary and secondary data was coleected to offer conclusions and recommendations at the end of the study. This whole work have to be written within 250-300 words limit so every paragraph must be concise and elaborative. The dissertation abstract clearly demonstrates the abilities and writing skills of students so the dissertaton committee evaluates the whole dissertation just by reading the dissertation abstract.

What is a Dissertation Abstract and What It Accomplishes

The dissertation abstract is a brief summary of the findings of the dissertation research. The main purpose of dissertation abstract is to let the reader know what was accomplished without having to read the whole dissertation. The researchers or the dissertation committee read a dissertation abstract to determine the writing skills, the critical ability and the research skills of the student. Dissertation abstract is the sum and substance of the whole disseration and gives a clear picture of the whole research work.

Types of Dissertation Abstracts

Typically there are two types of dissertation abstracts used in dissertation writing:

1: Descriptive dissertation Abstracts

As the tile suggests, the discriptive abstracts offer the reader what information the dissertation contains, and include the purpose, methods, and scope of the report, article, or paper. It is a description what was intended to achieve through the research and how it was achieved. However, the descriptive abstract does not offer any critical analysis of results, conclusions, or recommendations. So, descriptive abstracts are usually shorter in lenght as compared to the informative abstracts - usually under 100 words. The purpose of descrptive abstract is is merely to introduce the subject matter to the reader who must then read the whole dissertation to find out the results, conclusions and recommendations.

2: Informative Dissertation Abstracts

Informative dissertation abstracts offer specific information about the whole dissertation, including the purpose, methods, and scope of the research. An informative dissertation provides a clear and concise description of the dissertation results, conclusions, and recommendations. Usually this typeof abstracts are around 250-300 words long and offer critical analysis of the whole study. In short an informative abstracts make up 10% or less of the length of the original dissertaiton and allows the reader to decide whether they want to read the rest of the dissertation.

writing a dissertation abstract

How to Write A Dissertation Abstract; Where Dissertation Abstract Is Found

  • Journals and Online Databases:
    While writing an abstract for a journal or online databse students must be aware that it is much shorter than a dissertation abstract. It is because in a journal or online database the dissertatiion itself is written in a digest form so the abstract must also be shorter and concise. Usually, the purpose of publishing an abstract in online databse or journal is to offer concise picture of the research work so the reader must decide if the work is worth accessing and purchase. Such abstracts are also be written keeping in mind the search engines that help researchers find a relavant piece of information online.

  • Job Applications:
    Sometime, a research may also attach an abstract along with his/her CV to attract the attention of interview committe. This is especially helpful of those who wish to apply for an academic job. Including the abstract with the job application will help the potential employers to examine the topic of the dissertation research which is relavant to the job skills required.

writing a dissertation abstract

The following tips will help you to avoid the common mistakes while writing a dissertation abstract

  • Don't Get Too Wordy:
    The best dissertation abstract must be balanced - niether too long nor too short. The normal word count of an abstract is 250 to 300 words. As a general rule, the dissertation abstract should not be more than two pages long and if it is written in a single page it is even better. Particularly, if the dissertation topic is complex then the dissertation abstract must also be written concisely and also should not leave any information needed for the reader. Otherwise, it will be worthless if the reader is unable to understnd what the purpose of the research was..

  • Be All-Inclusive:
    Ad discussed earlier, the dissertation abstract is in fact a summary of the research work so it should include all the points such as the brief introduction of the research, the aims and objectives, the data collection methods and the conclusions and recommendations. Therefore, it is important to include all these important parts in the abstract. Appearantly, it may seem difficult to accomplish all this in a limited word count but through the use of clear, concise writing practice any topic can be boiled down to that length.

  • Only Discuss Topics Relevant to The Actual Dissertation:
    While including all the relavant parts of dissertation in the abstarct are vitally important, the studetns must not be tempted to discuss everything not directly relevant to the research. So, you must only discuss topics relevant to the actual dissertaiton.

  • Mention Key Terms:
    As discussed before the dissertation abstract is submitted mostly to journals and databases that are created strictly for collecting dissertations so that researchers can find relavant studies. Hence, including the key terms or phrases about your research will allow those who come across the dissertation to more quickly understand the scope of the research.

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how to write a dissertation abstract

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